Thursday, May 28, 2009

Base Images for 2nd of 3

Wow! I am super loving this project and I am so happy that I seem to finally be able to get my ideas across in an assignment. So here are the base images for the 2nd of the 3 pieces...first and foremost is another picture of Will from Cartel. This may seem a bit familiar because this photo is also represented in my artistic portrait.
Above is my reference picture for the backdrop of the 2nd piece, I made a decision during the 1st piece to try and incorporate my love for textures and patterns as well. So now each of the 3 will contain a graffiti-type background involving some sort of pattern or texture. The first one contains a brick wall and the 2nd will have this wood paneling.
These are the base swirls that I used for the 2nd piece and they are much more delicate than the first piece and sort of hold a whimsical feel to them. More to come...

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