Thursday, April 16, 2009

Artistic Portrait - D.O.N.E.

YAY! After two weeks of struggling with design ideas, placement of images, figuring out how to blend and basically trying to define my creative process in to one 13x19 sheet of paper...I have finished my Artistic Portrait project. In the most simple of terms this is a representation of how my creative process works and what I draw from for inspiration. I selected a black and white portrait of myself to be surrounded by some of my favorite pieces of work....all of which help to proclaim my love for color and vibrancy. Embeded across my central photo is a quote that I rely on heavily when searching for inspiration for a new project, "what good does us reason, if we fail to see, and what good does us freedom, if we fail to be free." Basically saying what good are the things we value in life if we don't take advantage of it pushes me to take advantage of my surroundings, my talents, my eye for angles and my willingness to step outside the box. This was a hard project for me and I learned a lot of things that will become very useful to me in future projects. I hope that you enjoy my work and please feel free to leave feedback of any kind.

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