Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Project 2 - Artist Portrait

This 2nd project is all about us, we have been asked to create a portrait of ourselves using things that represent who we are and what we draw from for inspiration. There were a lot of different ideas that came to mind when I began thinking about this project...below you will find my intent statement as well as some of the photos and ideas I am thinking of using in my project.

Intent Statement-
For this project I have decided to try and integrate my choice form of art and my love for music and color to create an overall representation of who I am and what I look to in order to find inspiration. Being a photographer by trade and heading off to photography school this fall that is a big portion of my life, so I really want to be able to include one or two of my favorite pieces of my photography along with my portrait. The two portraits of myself that I have chosen to possibly use for this project represent my personality very well, I am a genuinely happy and friendly person, and so I wanted a picture with a good smile and a sense of that portion of my personality. I also want to include the lyrics from my some of my favorite songs. Music is a huge part of my life and is what I focus a lot of my artwork on, so representing some of the bands and artists that inspire me will help my creative process come forward. I will also be trying to include as much color and vibrancy in my project as I possibly can, because color surrounds my world and helps me draw inspiration.

These are the two images of myself that I am trying to decide between, both have aspects of myself that I like and both are naturally black & white. I wanted a black & white representation of myself because the true color and creativity of my personality comes through in artwork which will be represented alongside of my portrait.

All of the above photos are some of my photography that I am trying to blend in to my image and use to represent what I see art in and what I draw from creatively. I am leaning towards a dream or thought theme for my project and having all of my photos and my inspirations coming forth from my head, showing my creative process and how I can take simple things and see how to make them in to a beautiful photo.

There is also a song quote that I am wanting to incorporate as well, this lyric is from one of my favorite bands to not only listen to but photograph as well, Cartel. "What good does us reason if we fail to see and what good does us freedom if we fail to be free?" from their song Georgia. I think it represents the process I go through when I photograph and reminds me to look outside the box.

Anyway these are my thoughts so far on this project and would love to hear your feedback and comments. I am still very much so in the early stages of this project, but it is looking positive so far.

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  1. If you haven't decided by now I'd choose the portrait of you on the right. It seems like it would work better with the thought/dream aspect of your portrait.