Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thumbnails & Puppies

Okay so I got some thumbnails done for my classmate project as well as some inspiration photos. I have decided to base the majority of my project off her favorite Andy Warhol painting, which is his Marilyn Monroe 6 image portrait in bright neon colors. I have chose 3 different images or representations of her personality to put in these boxes, a palm tree, a puppy and her zodiac sign: libra. They will rotate throughout the overall image in a pattern that makes the palm tree the center focus, because her love of the beach overrides all of the other elements. I also created a color spectrum for what I am going to use to create the different color variances in each box. She loves bright colors so that gave me a lot of different options and I will also be including different variations of white and black as well to keep with the Andy Warhol style.

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