Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Well I tried to get it done on time...

Okay so our 3rd official project was due last Thursday, April 23rd and trust me I had all intentions of having it done on time, but due to my somewhat developing skills in photoshop I had to start my entire project over at the very last second. I struggled with the best concept to represent my chosen professor/faculty member, Brad Burton, he's sort of one of those people that as harsh as it sounds you can judge him by his cover. He goes tanning, spends endless amounts of time on his hair, has really bright fake teeth and is in all reality a real life Van Wilder. My initial idea was to do something like a political or superhero poster to highlight his vanity, but my ideas weren't transfering over to the computer very well. So after some mild freaking out and a reality check that I needed to find some more inspiration, I was given an old poster book to look at with posters from 1950s-1990s. I was instantly drawn to the brightly colored and phycadelic posters of the late 60s early 70s and decided to run with my new idea after seeing a Wes Wilson poster. So above is my new idea, it's still not done yet, but it's getting there and will be done soon I promise. I am sort of working off the idea that he is a bit shallow and trying to create a pool like apperance to the entire thing and then also work with the two sides of him. You either like him or you hate him, because he has two sides as well, he can either be a big jerk or a pretty decent guy. So overall that is what I am trying to recreate through this piece and I will post the final project as soon as it is done!

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