Thursday, April 16, 2009

No Rest for the Weary - Next Project

WOW! Two posts in one day...all of you are very lucky or very tired of hearing me talk about my projects. After just completing my Artistic Portrait project it is now time to get a move on my Professor/Staff Member Caricature Project, which honestly if it all works out right will be a whole lot of fun for me. Above I have a variety of different thumbnails of things I could do to represent some of my favorite professors and staff members here at Otterbein. Using the things about them that make them my favorites or make them stand out from the crowd would be what surrounds them....some are more entertaining than others, I mean seeing someone spews symbols of the world's most famous religions out of their mouths would be pretty humorous.

However I think I have found my perfect subject for this project through my former CPB Adviser and now head of Greek Life here at Otterbein...Mr. Bradford P. Burton. Now I have spent a good amount of time with Brad from working with CPB and have learned all about what makes Brad, Brad...and trust me some of the things you would only understand if you knew him. Above is one of my reference photos for my caricature of him...this was taken by me, two years ago in Nashville, TN while attending a National Association of Campus Activities National Convention as representatives for Otterbein. Yes, he is on a merry-go-round. Yes, he is riding an Otter. Yes, he did break in to that ride and almost got all 6 of us kicked out of the mall.

Here are a list of the things that I hope to try and incorporate in to this caricature...
1. His love for Otters and anything Otterbein
2. His addiction to working out
3. His extemely white teeth
4. His two favorite sayings....Epic & Legondary
5. His work with CPB & Otterbein Greek Life
6. And his search for eternal youth...aka Peter Pan Complex

I understand that it may seem like I am poking fun at Brad's expense but trust me, over the years that I have had him for an advisor these have all become popular topics in conversation. They also serve as really good creative prospects for this project and I am really looking forward to getting started. Please leave me feedback on what you think about my concept.

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